A Family of Five

I come from a family of five. I know that is a big family because when I tell people I come from a family of five, they usually reply with “wow, that is a big family”. I don’t really know what a small family feels like, honestly, I don’t really know what a big family feels like. All I know is my family.

I liked being part of a big family. I still do.
For instance, there was always someone at the dinner table that was not related.  Sometimes you even came across someone in the hall you never even met before, so even going to the bathroom could be interrupted with a “Hi I am Sofie, nice to meet you”.
One way or another you always indirectly knew someone in the bar you were hanging out at the time, because they knew at least one of your siblings.
And more than once, I got spoken to because some girl I had never seen before, fancied one of my brothers.

What I did not realise at the time, is that being part of a big family forms you – in more ways than one. Ways you do not feel às they are happening, but that become an intrinsic part of yourself. Ways that I love, ways that I hate, ways that I am grateful for, ways that I blame, ways that I can not explain.

First and foremost, we talk. Did you ever see that series “Brothers & Sisters“? I could have written that. A secret? Haha, we laugh in the face of secrets. Secrets will not last. Even sacred secrets will be thrown out in the sunlight, where at least someone does not think they belong. But you know what, thank God. I prefer the ugly truth to the beautiful lies any day.

Secondly, the drama. Yes, there will be drama. All you people out there who think drama is the sole right of women, think again. In the context of DNA, anything and everything will be said, with the necessary metaphors and gestures, the tendency to exaggarate and even desire to dwell. More than once you will apologize afterwards, but you will not learn your lesson: you will not create that needed filter.

But hey, we are up there in good company: Cain and Abel, Oedipus, Electra, Booby and JR..

But mostly, brothers and sisters are forever. They know you, they understand you, they might not always agree with you but they can place your actions and words in context. No matter what, they hear you out and give you a second change. They love you. And you them.

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