A dog person or a cat person..

I love animals. Not to the extent that I will let them sleep in my bed but enough to say I love them. I find it funny that some people state you are either a cat person or a dog person but if I have to admit: I prefer dogs. Dogs are loyal and have a boss, cats tend to have staff.

There are even some who say that dog people can not marry cat people and the other way around. Phew, because the love of my life prefers dogs too. But I find it a strange relationship-theory though..

And I have heard the same about pepper or salt, coffee or tea.. And even though I regard it as horoscopes (amusing, but a load of bull), it does remind me of awkward and annoying moments in a relationship of ten years with a tea-drinker while I am a convinced and die-hard coffee-addict.

He could not understand what the addiction is all about and he did not hide it..  The disdaining looks when he wanted the bill at a restaurant and I wanted an espresso after dinner. The outright insults he made when he saw someone with a travelmug. He just did not get it, and I thought it did not bother me at the time, but god what a relief that I can enjoy a nice hot cup of comfort with my man these days.
The whole “I am not going to talk to you nicely straight out of bed before I had a cup“-thing.  The whole “let’s stop at a coffee shop and choose one of the thousands weird coffee mixtures they make here“-idea.  The whole “decaf?? what’s the point“-attitude..  Sharing is bliss.

Come to think of it.. the whole “not talking in the morning before coffee” is not even true. The first thing we do when we wake up (after hitting the alarm clock, curse and then sigh – we are not morning people), is telling each other what we dreamt about. The weirdest, most impossible, far fetched and funniest stories to start the day with, that sort of thing. Maybe that should be the new rule: marry a guy that dreams, or doesn’t, just like you. To dream or not to dream, that’s the question. And we dream alright.





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