Project 365 – Arusha National Park (Sunday 28th April 2013)

Tanzania might be the Mekka for safari, it is not something you do on a weekly basis when you live here. For starters, one needs time, Tarangire might be 2hours away, Serengeti is 6 hours. Then there is the money.. this might be a third world country, you would not think so when looking at park fees and accommodation rates..

Anyway. There is a little gem of a park that everyone skips because it does not list ‘The Big Five’. A park that is 45 minutes away from my front door: Arusha National Park. It is a small park but it has a forest, an old volcanic crater, some lakes..  So we made a picnic and spent our Sunday between giraffe, zebra, baboons, buffalo…

P1140995 P1150002 P1150006 P1150009 P1150020 P1150027 P1150028 P1150043 P1150092 P1150093 P1150096 P1150108 P1150111 P1150120 P1150133 P1150161 P1150172 P1150179

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