Project 365 – The long rains (Monday 29th of April 2013 – 5/365)

Rain.. it usually sounds quite impressive when I throw some statistics around: the whole of the annual rain fall of Belgium falls in Tanzania in roughly one month.

And after a decade here, I think I can safely say I have never witnessed a wetter time than now. The short rains started on the 1st of November and between then and now we had about 2 dry weeks and now we are already in the long rains for 2 months and it just won’t stop.

Okay, there are nuisances. Drying clothes is difficult, cars get stuck, walls turn green, fungus grows wildly, roads become mud, my dogs smell like wet dog, and some friends of mine saw their house flooded (that is not a nuisance that is downright horrible)..

But dramatic cloud formations, happy farmers, misty hills, plants growing like you have no idea..  it can be welcome and pretty too.

P1070992 P1140821

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