Country codes and conference calls (Tue 30 April)

My love for Africa may be called unstable lately – from marveling at the beauty when being in the bush, to getting infuriated when yet another corrupt official has you with your back against the wall..

One of the ways to forget the limitations of my surroundings is my job. Although I occasionally curse in my office also, I like the international allure my day-to-day schedule can have. Tourists, agents, suppliers, colleagues, sales offices.. they can come from anywhere in the world (so I am gradually learning all country codes) – and that makes me childishly happy..

Today, we had a conference call and while I was going through the notes from last time, one by one the other countries were joining in: Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda.. It makes a meeting distinctly less boring 🙂 Yep, I love my job.


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