Project 365 – Maasai Women Art & Mkuru Training Center (Saturday 4th May – 10/365)

Maasai Women Art is a beautiful project where Italian design is combined with Maasai craftsmanship. Or should I say craftswomenship because this is a bit of a gender-related talent.

The project is designed to help women to sustain themselves, and to do this with their art of beading – instead of making charcoal or doing something less sustainable. Not only does the project deserve praise, but I really love their beaded jewellery. So when a workshop was advertised to spend two days with these ladies and learn how to make what they make, I immediately enrolled my girls and myself.

I have to admit that moving from the luxury of the Four Seasons Serengeti to a tented camp with a long drop for a toilet and a bucket shower was a bit of a.. well, a long drop. But the girls and I loved it, and although I was not fully sure how appropriate it was for their age, they really did learn something. We made such nice things, had an informative walk to the dam where we learned all about Maasai and the plants they use, we ate makande, and the girls asked me to hold them every time they went to the toilet (they were scared they would fall in).

And the most striking comment came from the oldest Maasai grandmother-like lady: “those white kids say ‘mama, ma-ama’ just as much as African kids..”

P1080229 P1150483 P1150504 P1150509 P1150534 P1150550 P1150571 P1150576 P1150597 P1150613 P1150644 P1150646 P1150652 P1150654 P1150660 P1150661 P1150685

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