Weekend in Moshi (Sun 12th of May)

Saturdays, my good friend and wonderful cook Melinda has a sort of open house: she makes great lunches, fantastic desserts and there is a lovely garden, pool, jungle gym.. I probably already mentioned before that I love to go there and unwind.

But the rare occassions that I stay late (to chat to her after she finishes work) and end up sleeping there, are even more fun. The next day, this Sunday, Jos gave the kids a tour of the rest of the garden: he showed them the poultry they keep and the fruit and vegetables.

The girls were a bit scared of the geese but they had never seen pigeons that are only 5 days old. They got a bit of an educational field trip from Jos on pigeons, trees and shrubs (and pineapples!), I did not admit it at the time but I learned some things too 🙂


P1150817 P1150820 P1150824 P1150830 P1150835 P1150837 P1150840

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