Some images of the past week (Tue 14th May – 20/365)

I am not good with plants (is ‘green fingers’ an expression in English too? 🙂 I any case, I do not have them..). Anything that I try to make a cutting off, inevitably dies. With a mother in law that knows the Dutch and Latin name of about every shrub and flower, the difference could not be greater. So when looking at the below picture, you will see the fruit of my ignorant labour that only worked because these plants are VERY easy and the rain season helped..

planten veranda (4)


The road to my house and the road to my office are dirt roads.. You may take the word dirt quite literally but now they are dirt rivers.

weg naart werk

Axelle is birdwatching in school. We found this great tree filled with weavers’s nests. They build many nests and use only one, as a diversion for predators such as snakes. or how you can learn through your kid..


left pic ours, right one from


What do you think of this one? Clean it or leave it? I kind of like it..

zondag op shamba moederkesdag (3)



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