Field trips (wed 15th May)

Wednesdays seem to have developed into a weekly field trip day in the school where my kids go.

Last week, Axelle’s class went to a carpenter’s workshop. One of her friends’ father is a carpenter and so he welcomed them. They had been bird-watching in school so he let each of them make a birdhouse. They had also been studying shapes in maths so they had to put together the structure, calculating how it would come together. How cool is that? And who says you will not need maths later in life?


This week, they went to Arusha National Park. In a way this is a viewing of a parents’ job also because more than one kid has a mom or dad in tourism and so arranging for safari vehicles, guides, binoculars.. was all generously done by parents. We also went to Arusha National Park just two weeks ago but their enthusiasm was not even half of the excitement for this school trip! Celeste made her own lunch box the day before (say what??) and they were both up at 6.00 and dressed at 6.05.

P1080274 P1080275 P1080277 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0029

Two years ago, I remember the school arranging some field trips to ‘daddy’s workplaces’ also. At that time, one dad was the general manager of the logistical company in charge of Kilimanjaro International Airport. I remember Celeste coming back home, telling me no one is allowed to take guns into an airport and that they went into the machine to check that. It was the element of information that had stuck apparently.

I have been meaning to ask my other half to take the children to the farm and talk about raspberries. I am just worried he will get carried away in his passion and expand on the intricacies of irrigation 🙂


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