Streetlights (Fri 17th of May)

One of the things that immeditaly surprises people that arrive in Africa is the lack of ambient lighting. No streetlights, no illuminated adverts.. Not even every house or shop beside the road has light, and those who do only have one sad naked bulb. Worst case scenario: there is no electricity provided and there is nothing to see except your car headlights – except for the rare households that have and use a generator. So you get the gist: Africa is a dark continent in many ways.

I do not need to add that driving at night is not pleasant. Add to that the numerous cars that have no lights, pedestrians that do not seem to grasp that they are hard to be spotted (being dark themselves and all), oh and even worse: cars that only have their big lights left in working order so they see no other option than to temporarily blind you.


Friday we were driving back from ‘the Fit Heron’ (recreation centre), and even at 20.00 it is pitchblack. When we turned from the dirt road to the tarmac, all of a sudden, 3 of us girls could not believe our eyes! Streetlights!

I had been seeing them being put up but cynical me did not believe they would ever work until I saw it. (Never-satisfied me also immediately thought ‘why did they not put them close to the airport?’ – I am sure it is all political.)

Celeste yelled: “Mum, it is almost Belgium”. Yeay.. almost.




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