Roadtrip to Pangani (Sun 27th of May)

My little car packed, my little girls in the backseat, we headed for Pangani.


They were ready for the journey (one crept in front). I must admit that did not last very long. The questions such as “mum, is it still far?” and “mum, are we there yet?” started soon enough.


I needed a break. In the middle of nowhere is just as good a place as any, right?


And then there were road works.. delay and dust. Both not appreciated at the time.

lunch in Kombo (3)

We had lunch at the side of the road in Mombo. Me: wali ya maharagwe. Axelle: chipsi maya. Celeste: I dislike all of those, can I have the bags of crisps from the car?

lunch in Kombo

Good tip: only look at the kitchen after you ate (or better: don’t!)

P1160184 P1080350

But we were getting close..

P1080366 P1080368 P1080371

We entered the land of green and red

ferry (3)

We took the ferry across the Pangani River


So our 8 hour-drive ended with cramps in my right leg and the girls shouting: “Yeah, the ocean!!”


And the day ended with a full moon..

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