Andre De Kock Memorial Horse show (Sat 15th June)

Hunting is a sensitive subject. Some people are just dead against it, no discussion. In my experience however, hunters do not only have strict rules and regulations, they also actually help keep the balance of wildlife, but hunting companies in Tanzania are also the ones that put most money and effort in conservation. It is in their best interest, isn’t it?

The thing I am dead against is poaching. It is not only disgusting and unethical and many more things I can hardly find a negative enough word for, but at the rate that it is happening here, it will cause extinction, that is how acute it is.

Andre De Kock was a hunter. He was also a nice man, a father and a loving husband. One day, on the job in the bush, he unknowingly surprised some poachers and they – in all their stupidity, fear and lack of human behaviour – shot Andre. He died instantly, leaving a family and an entire community in shock and grief.

Since Andre was a ‘horseman’, there is now an annual tribute to him in the form of a memorial horse show. I am not ‘a horse person‘ myself but every year I think about Andre and about what happened. Awful, just awful.

andre de kock memorial horse show zaterdag 15 juni (1)

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