The Toothfairy (Mon 17th June – 55/365)

I like Easter, going on an Easter egg hunt in the morning and telling the kids the Easter bunny hid them.. (In Belgium we also say the clocks dropped them from the sky, Easter clocks, is that weird or does everyone say that?)

I like the fact that Belgium and Holland have ‘Sinterklaas’ on the 6th of December. The excitement when waking up in the morning and running down to see what you got!

And I absolutely adore Christmas, the whole atmosphere of Walt Disney movies in a winter wonderland.

But I am not the biggest fan of the tooth-fairy. Maybe it is because I did not grow up with her. But then there is the fact that you need to put something next to their pillow – the last time Axelle almost woke up! And when do you stop? After teeth 6? Never? And what is the going rate these days? Five dollars? Or do you give a gift.. My youngest starts ordering gifts as if it is her birthday and Christmas rolled into one, usually she also wants stuff that I cannot find in this country. On top of that my eldest is a romantic and she wrote a letter to the Tooth-fairy asking “please describe or draw yourself”. Say what?

So I told them. I completely burst their bubble and I told them she does not exist. Some girl in school had already told all kids in school her mother had told her that so it was just a matter of confirming but still.. I felt like Scrooge. But the result was that I took Celeste to the store and she could pick a gift because mommy was proud she just lost a tooth. So the disappoinment  was quickly over. You say bribe, I say blessing.. Tomatoe, tomatoe.

So we went into a two-storey shop, a Walhalla of overpriced, crappy, made-in-China/India,  cheap, will-break-tomorrow toys. She ran (RAN) to the second story and accidentally ran into a store corridor dedicated to boys toys: cars, trucks, helicopters and many more miniature motorized boys’ dreams. She immediately stopped, said “oops, boys toys..”, turned back, thought about it, turned back again, and said to herself “but I like boys toys..” and she picked out a jeep with remote control.

But then, the grief when she found out we had to charge the thing for 8 hours first.

So between her scooter from her birthday, her roller skates from her previous birthday (that she insists on wearing still even though they are too small by now), and her car from the Tooth-Mommy, I am very likely to break my legs in my own house tripping over one of them.

Oh, and the Tooth-Fairy might not exist, but the girls quickly decided that the Tooth-Rat in Mexico (yes, a rat, I cannot make this up) is probably real because who else would drink the milk and eat the cheese they put out??

nieuwe auto met remote maandag 17 juni P1080674


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