Traffic (95/365)

Wednesday 31st of July 

I regularly listen to Belgian radio and watch Belgian tv and I used to smile when I heard the weather report and the traffic news because weather here is always nice to very good, and I never used to get stuck in traffic.. Things changed quite dramatically since then.

Don’t get me wrong, traffic is and always was horrible. Most people here can’t drive correctly or politely if their life depended on it: they drive as fast as bats flying out of hell, they cut you off, they use their indicators for practically everything but indicating where they are going, they even scrape or hit your car and leave.. But I do not seem to recall spending so much time in traffic jams then as I do now. And unfortunately, every one thinks they are the only clever one that thinks he can cut everyone off so before you know it, we look like a bunch of safari ants and we are literally stuck.

Ah well, I know a back road.. I just need to remember to take it.


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