Wednesday, the 11th of September 

There is no such thing as public transportation in Africa. The trains do not operate anymore, the buses and taxis are all privately owned. The police do not hassle the owners or drivers too much about driver’s licences and permits as long as they can have free rides themselves. Because of course a minority of the people – including police officers – have a car themselves. Many companies have staff buses to and from work, and the privately owned buses I mentioned (dalla-dallas) are frequented like you wouldn’t believe. Twenty passengers in a bus that holds only 7 is no exception.

The fun part about them (not their driving style, believe me!) is that they are named. I have seen a Sophie, yes. Practically every major soccer player has his own bus, as do Manchester United and other teams. You can also spot trends on these buses, some years back I spotted a twitter-bus, with the blue bird and everything.

The best are the ones with a spelling mistake. Makes for a smile in a traffic jam. This one talked about “peace on eath”. Now I do not know where eath is but we should all move there.


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