Post office

Thursday, the 26th of September

A little anecdote..

A girl came to Africa as a volunteer. She teaches in a school and is loving the experience. Her mother sends her a gift for her birthday through the mail and tells her daughter she will receive a surprise. The girl is curiously awaiting her gift and goes to check on the parcel in the post office regularly. The woman behind the counter tells her the same thing everyday: “nothing here..”

After a while, the mother is getting disappointed and is afraid the gift is lost. She tells her daughter: “that is such a pity.. I bought these pretty dangly earrings because I knew you would love them.. here is a picture” and she sends a picture.

The next day the girl goes to the post office again and just when she wants to ask the lady behind the counter to please check again on her parcel.. she stops.. noticing the earrings from the picture dangling from the lady’s ears.

Could have been a short story by Roald Dahl but nope.. True story.



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