Mise en place

Wednesday the 2nd of October

I used to teach the girls how to cook. I wish I would have them with me in the kitchen every time I cook but it is not an efficient kitchen and “Hannah Montana” seems to be more interesting sometimes.

This year, their school started a new extra-curricular activity: cooking classes. Luckily, they were keen but I think I would have dragged them if I had to. It helps that I love cooking and their grandfather is an actual chef 🙂

So now we watch “Dagelijkse Kost” not only for the Belgian aspect but we actually discuss the recipe. And their new thing? Making the plate look nice: “because Jeroen does that too..”

Left: Ax – Right: Cellie (more sauce, figures..) – oh, and they skipped the brocolli..

20130930_195417 20130930_195442

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