Save the elephant

Friday, the 4th of October

Apparently, there is an elephant killed every 15 minutes. I have noticed the poaching getting worse over the last decade (especially the last 3 years) but that number astounded me. They predict there will be no elephants left in 2025 if this continues. I am not the biggest tree-hugger in the world, but that would be awful. Especially because it would not be a huge effort to stop this, they just have to stop things that are illegal anyway.

So a march was organised in 42 cities, to create awareness and out of protest. I thought it necessary for my children to participate. I mean, sitting on your ass and just re-posting things on Facebook is not going to change the world, right? So we went, we walked, we shouted, we sang.. Not exactly veni-vidi-vici just yet but every little bit helps.



20131004_094518 20131004_094525

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