The day we went looking for lions… and found a leopard

Sunday, the 13th of October

To have a good game drive it is best to get up early. So I made the girls get up at 5.45 so we could drive at 6.15. I thought it would be our best bet to see lions.

Getting up at 5.45 is not exactly my girls’ hobby.. Luckily, we shared the vehicle with another set of 8 and 9-year old girls so the suffering of getting up before dawn was shared. All in all, we had a good day.. but no lions. Actually, with the giggling and talking going on in our open vehicle, it is amazing we saw anything at all!

We had a wonderful bush breakfast. And we stopped at a skeleton of a giraffe, and there was a piece of skin that was totally hard. Amazing.

It is also the only day we had some rain. We got soaked for about ten minutes. Only to resume in humid heat.

And just before stopping for sundowners alongside the hippos, we saw a leopard. Yeay.

20131013_060044 20131013_081917 20131013_093846 20131013_172605 20131013_173031

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