I don’t like New Year’s, never have. I find the whole idea of celebrating one single day where we all have to make plans and be happy (you WILL be happy!) a bit pushy to say the least. But every year the same thing happens: while I am refusing to make resolutions, the enthusiasm of other people with their resolutions, the whole spirit of new beginnings and extra effort does creep up on me and before I know it, I start believing this will be my year, the year of change, the year of new adventures and fun memories..

Coincidentally enough, my birthday is exactly one month after New Year’s so symbolically that is MY new beginning. Another year, older and wiser, right? So I make my resolutions on the first of February. And I do believe this year will be the year of change, new adventures and good memories. Firstly, I am lobbying as hard as I can to get transferred to another country (looking very promising but I do not want to jinx it by telling you already). Secondly a personal matter that has cost me time, money and effort (and mental strain) is finally coming to and end. (And last but not least, some kind of decisive step must and will be taken on the turmoil of my relationship this year. A step for better or for worse, no pun intended.)

And yes, I have made some resolutions. The typical ones, the far-fetched ones, the ‘not likely to happen but I will try’-ones but also the fun ones, the ‘I will do this now’-ones and more. And awakening my blog from a deep slumber was one.

So I was conned into it. Again. 🙂

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