I do not go on safari quite as often as I wish but in November we had the operations manager of Peru visiting so I was sent to the bush to escort her. There are less pleasant things to do for work so off we went..

It is always nice to travel with a newby because their “ohhs” and “awws” rightfully remind you how breathtaking this country can be. One can get a bit blase about yet another impala, unfortunately. (My kids call impalas McDonalds, because they are everywhere and all predators eat them as fast food.)

I find Tarangire to be a highly undervalued park. The big baobabs and majestic elephants, it should be on everyone’s itinerary. On the other hand, there was hardly anyone else there and I loved it.


20131108_082845 20131108_083057 20131108_090914 20131108_105546 20131108_105951 20131108_124445



After our night at Tarangire, we headed for the Ngorongoro crater. Although not added on our itinerary, I decided to stop at a gorgeous place for lunch.

20131108_160818 20131108_16082820131108_16083320131108_160838


It had been years since I had been to the crater. When it is busy, it does become a bit of a Disney ride though. So being based in our own camp (superb location and view) we decided on an early start. And I love camping.. well, not that you can call it roughing it..

20131108_175424 20131109_070520 20131109_070538 20131109_072843 20131109_074058 20131109_082105 20131109_084211 20131109_084951 20131109_092634 20131109_095845 20131109_110752 20131109_115424


20131109_165126 20131109_181948 20131110_074608 20131110_091955 20131110_094859 P1090137 P1090140 P1090157 P1090174 P1090176 P1090179 P1090181 P1090182 P1090184 P1090186 P1090188 P1090189 P1090192




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