Opposite directions

Sometimes it happens that I am happily driving down the street and there are pedestrians on the street, walking in the other direction. Nothing weird so far. But when I come closer, they gesture to me, making clear they would like a lift. So I think: but I am driving North (for instance) and you are walking towards the South, so how would a lift from me be useful to you? I have thought about this more than once because it has happened more than once. Do they think I will turn around for them and bring them to their destination? (After all I own a car, the highest form of freedom) Or are they prepared to go anywhere at all, as long as it is not by foot?

I have contemplated stopping and asking them. But I never did because I am scared I might give them false hope in making them think I would make a detour to the other side of town for them and it would be cruel to shoo them out of my car after hearing this..

The weirdest thing is that when I do not stop and continue to drive to the North (for instance), they stop gesturing and they keep on walking to the South. I guess it will remain one of these things that I will never figure out. Anyway. Just had to get that of my chest.

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