Customer care

I am warning you before you start reading, I will whine.. April was not a good month for customer care.

First my washing machine broke down. I imported an expensive German machine many years ago and the thing has done a fine job for me for a decade. So with unstable electrical supply, and water from doubtful quality, that is rather good going. The first fundi (eletrician, in this case) I asked to come kept promising me to come and making appointments and only showed up after 3 attempts. After looking at the machine for 2 minutes he said I need to bring it to his workshop. The second fundi I wanted to call, moved away. The third fundi then finally solved it. With ‘solved’ I mean he defined the spare part I need to replace. Of course I cannot find the part in Arusha and I had to order it online to be sent to my brother’s house. How and when it will eventually be with me is still a big question mark and I am washing clothes by hand in bath the tub for now.

Then I needed a gas bottle for cooking. You would think that is pretty straightforward. So after work I drove to a shop with some bottles outside. Apparently, the guy that fills them and locks them away had already left for the day. So I made them a deal: I would leave the bottle behind and pick it up the next day. Since I am of the skeptical kind, I made her sign a paper for the empty bottle and I marked it. And I checked opening hours, promising I would return the day after.

The following day, my conversation at the store was something from an absurd, surreal film. First, the lady asked me why I was late (17.15). I told her I was there in the morning but she was not open (even though I had checked her opening times with her) so she shrugged: “this morning I was late”.

I asked about my bottle. She said I was so late that the guy had left again. So I reminded her the deal was she would fill it before I got there, she had all day, right? We agreed she would give me another bottle, same size. So she asks “what type of nozzle and connection does your bottle have?” I reminded her I had marked my bottle so she can check. The mark was gone, so even if she would have filled MY bottle as agreed, she had absolutely no idea which one it was, so why have a go at me in the first place? When I complained I knew this would happen, she blamed the askari, the guard outside, he had moved it after all. Yes, blame someone else. I love it when people do that – it is so mature.

I can already see some of you readers with a smirk, thinking: “you decided to make your bed in Africa, now you must lie in it”. Well, my worst experience this month was with Nespresso.

Maybe I just except too much from a brand that uses George Clooney as their face; and has a fancy branded boutique in the Louisalaan, and you need a membership because their products are not in the supermarket.. Ever since the day I became a member, I have been in customer service hell.

With the purchase of the machine, they forgot the Christmas discount. Nespresso said the shop made a mistake. So? Take it up with the shop, you work with them, I don’t.. Then they promised me I would get the discount but only deducted from an order so I had to order – a second time. But they had already made mistakes on order one.. While filling in my account on the website, I filled out I speak Flemish and my welcome letter arrived in French. Then with my first order of coffee, they forgot the welcome gift. Nespresso said: “We also cannot send it later because it is against the rules to send it separate”. When filling out the delivery address, I accidentally hacked my brother’s account since it is his address. We both could not access our account anymore. His is now fixed, but for mine the IT department still has not figured out how to solve it after 5 months (FIVE). Then I wanted to place the second order to solve the discount-issue but I can no longer get into my account.. So I ordered via customer service. When it arrived, I see they forgot to give me the discount. But the welcome gift came too. But separately..


So having a cup of coffee in the morning, putting on clean clothes and cooking a meal in the evening, has been an ordeal, let me tell you! Good thing my girls are back and life has some perspective again.



1 thought on “Customer care

  1. Audrey

    Hoi, ik weet niet waar je broer woont maar mocht dat België zijn dan kunnen wij het onderdeel voor je meenemen. We komen nml. binnenkort naar Arusha. Stuur me een mail als we dit voor je kunnen regelen. Groetjes, Audrey


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