Black and white challenge – PEOPLE

I think pictures of people are always the nicest. In Africa, however it is not always easy to take a picture of a person, they are very suspicious about tourists asking them to pose. And if you don’t ask, they definitely get annoyed. After I once made a woman with a heavy load on her head jump into a muddy ditch to avoid my clicking camera, I became more careful, or is it caring?

I like taking pictures of children most. They still have that unprejudiced, open-minded smile. Well.. some do. Sometimes I come across an old man who has just as many lines in his face as he will have in his life story but then I usually don’t dare ask. Respect your elders is maxim number 1 in this country so I say “shikamo” and leave them be.

P1160637 - Copy

This boy I met in an orphanage. He smiled shyly and looked away because he had just asked me whether I came to take him to my house so he could live there. Good thing he looked away because he would have seen through my eyes the crack he made in my heart with saying that – and especially with me having to say no.

zondag 28 sept polo en golf (6) - Copy

When my girls and I went for a walk with the dog on a Sunday, we came across these kids. (They only relaxed when we locked the dog in the car)

I love it when kids make their own toys. They probably cherish them for years. A sharp contrast to my girls and their request to upgrade their Ipod.

fotosessie met onze zwarte vrienden (4) - Copy fotosessie met onze zwarte vrienden (8) - Copy

These Maasai boys are being prepared for their rite of passage into adulthood. The main event will be the circumcision but there is a lot more involved.

For years, I have seen new groups of this age in the bush, or driven past them and promised myself that one day I will stop and make a picture. (And they did make me pay) Unfortunately, my girls were not with me, that would have made an interesting shot I would think 🙂 An actual black and white challenge.

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