Axelle’s disco

Little girls do grow up so when I asked my little chipmunk what she wanted for her 11th birthday, she said : “a disco party!”

The good thing about that is, that you can do it somewhere else (go to ‘El Patio’, and have clean house to return to!), let someone else do the food and drinks (clean kitchen!) and have fun yourself.. I asked some parents to stay after dropping off their minors and with a party scheduled to last only until 10pm, most of them did.

The preparations:

disco as a pic  IMG_20141025_163720 

The party:

43 64 70 10 65 67 115 (Guess which 2 women closed the joint.. at 22.30)

The chocolate fountain (huge success!)


The cake (Dahlila worked wonders!)

98 109

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