Elephants and baobabs

It was the last weekend that I still had my girls at home (before they go on holiday) so I was thinking about doing something fun. And Tarangire is always fun. And when you say Tarangire, you say elephants and baobabs.

20141130_124323 DSCF8403  DSCF8425 DSCF8429 DSCF8444 DSCF8404

The plan was to drive myself – and take friends. We used to do self-drive safaris in Tarangire a lot but now is the short rain season and my car does not have 4×4. I had also never driven to Swala Camp myself before.. So of course, we got lost. Getting lost in a national park is not clever. There is no network coverage for your phone, you are not allowed to step out of the vehicle and you are not allowed to drive after dark. Needless to say our adventure was getting a bit.. well, too adventurous.

So after unanimous panic, we decided to drive back the exact same way and an hour later it turned out we simply missed a turn off that did not have the correct sign. But we got there before dark without flat tyres. Phew.

Swala is one of my favorite camps, the camp itself is gorgeous and the waterhole is always teeming with wildlife. Today was no different.



DSCF8544 DSCF8495

After a clearly traumatizing experience where Axelle got shouted at by a monkey, we had dinner under the stars, surrounded by impala’s. And while hearing the lion roar in the bushes, we went to bed.

DSCF8476 DSCF8464 DSCF8469 DSCF8471

You would think that after all that wild adventure, we were heading for a calm day. No such luck. After almost getting stuck in a deep puddle, and being surrounded by a herd of aggressive buffaloes and almost being attacked by an elephant that did not appreciate us disturbing him while bathing.. I was almost relieved we got out of the park alive.. Silly Sofie Safaris.DSCF8579 DSCF8571 DSCF8549 So after the ride home in a hot car, we went for a swim to cool down.. and that was the weekend.. And Monday morning I had a flat tyre.



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