Arusha National Park

One Saturday, we had a fund raise party in the afternoon/evening but a bit of a lost feeling in the hours leading up to the time our presence was required there.. So we decided to go to Arusha National Park. A very underestimated park, very close and very diverse in landscape, vegetation and wildlife.. Always a great way to spend a Saturday.

I guess it is underestimated because people know of the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro crater and they have a bucket list of things they need to tick, especially the Big 5. I do not get this overall fascination with “The Big 5” but hey.. that’s just me. So we packed lunch and binoculars and off we went.

We saw the usual, even though even your hundredth time to see a zebra is still pretty amazing. And even though I am not a birder, I love seeing them soar through the skies, they are fascinating. I do however have a hard time catching them in that perfect picture in full flight.

DSC_4164 DSC_4436

And every time you go on safari, you do have something new happening that you have never seen before. Last time in Tarangire, it was a huge python in a tree. This time, it was giraffes galore, and they came VERY close (normally they are pretty shy). I could count their eye lashes.


I deliberately stopped at the lakes for quite some time because I have never before taken a good shot of a flamingo. And even though they are usually perceived as an elegant animal, we all had to giggle when they went head first in the water to fish, they kept kicking their scrawny legs to stay under while the bumm kept bobbing up and down, it looked really silly.. But some looked more pink than others, some stood on the one leg, and there were so many of them, it was a pretty sight.

DSC_4265 DSC_4319 DSC_4283

We had lunch in the most amazing spot..


But most of all we had fun.

DSC_4410 DSC_4421 DSC_4424

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