Back to basics

Fancy websites are all well and good.. if you have the time. Turns out I don’t. I will blatantly ignore the fact that I couldn’t figure out the admin side of the theme I had purchased and really couldn’t be bothered anymore after some fruitless attempts. I will also blatantly ignore the fact that I could not read, let alone update, my own website in the office because the content was deemed sexually explicit? So apparently using the word sofiesticated, the wrongly spelled version of sophisticated, makes you sexually explicit? Who knew. I know better ways of being sexually explicit, and I would not throw them on the net, but who am I?

So it is back to simple blogging. Cheap, fast and easy. (Oops, I might be sexually explicit again, I surely hope I am not.) I can’t really predict with what frequency I will be feeling keen to write but that will then be a surprise to both of us. But Africa – and I guess life in general  – does continue to inspire. And I have never been one to shut up 🙂






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