Boring bliss

On Instagram, I often post what I am cooking/eating and what I wear. I realize that social media is primarily used to show friend and stranger that life is exciting but one has to remember that one person’s boring might be another person’s rescue.

When moving to another country, or any other way one starts life from scratch really, I think it is vital to establish a routine first, the boring but dependable base of everyday life. Every single self-evident element of an established life all of sudden becomes this huge decision. Which bakery do I go to, where do I get my hair cut, how can I find a good route to jog? So finding that and fine-tuning it does already feel like a big deal. To be honest, the whole first two years you feel on shaky grounds – and you feel incredibly vulnerable.

Do not get me wrong. I am the adventure-seeking type, I will feel most comfortable on the path less trodden. But all things in good order, you need a bedroom in a house before you pack a bag to go camping in the wild.

So for me, posting what I eat and what I wear is a good sign, a sign of victory. Because even though I moved to my home country, I was not settled at all. And unwilling to discuss the gigantic elephant in the globe (my absent kids), coming home is less straightforward than you would think. Less of a coming home than you’d think. And just like in any other country, it took me all about short of two years to get back into my skin.

So next time you see me post my meal, or the dress I am wearing, remember: your boring is my rescue. It just might mean I am finally getting on top of things.

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