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She had always been very mature for her age. Or no.. what is the better way to explain it? She had always had an old soul. Yes, that is what a teacher once wrote in her report card: ‘she has an old soul’.

At the age of 9, she heard from a friend that there are YouTube videos that show you how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. So she set her mind to it and she taught herself the algorithm to solve a Rubik’s Cube. After she made sure she could do it every single time, she set out to school and told everyone that if they had a Cube at home which was jumbled up, she would make it right again. Numerous children showed up with one, even more children showed up to watch.

She told her mother about her little project, and asked to be filmed. Her motivation? “This will be my college application.” It wasn’t ruthless ambition that made her do it, or the plan to boast about it later (old souls don’t think like that) but it was out of pure empathy. Since she knew that the college of her choice might depend on a scholarship based on her own merit, and not on her mother’s financial situation.

And in school? Everything went well, she did all the cubes, and the rightful owners took them home to put them back on their shelf, all perfect looking. She now enjoys the reputation of clever cookie. And maybe nerd? But we like nerds.

instagram clever cookie

If you think this is my weak attempt to a short story, you are mistaking, this is a true story. You see my eldest daughter in the picture, she is 14 now. Yes, she has decided which college she wants to apply for (she is subscribed to the newsletter). And yes, she can still do Rubik’s cubes.

My Favorite(s)

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions and therefore “blogging more regularly” was not one of them. But this morning, both my kids said something that made me think.. and very often when something makes me think, it makes me write.

For a while, I have been pressing my snooze button but instead of dozing off again in my own bed, I go and lay with my daughter and doze off next to her. I consider it a gentle way of waking her up and giving her some time before she needs to get up. I have two daughters so I alternate between them.

When I casually mentioned this system of switching every day between them, you should have seen their face! They both looked at me incredulously, full on consternation written all over their faces. In stereo they said “what do you mean? You go to her room too? I thought it was only me!” It was actually rather cute to think they were both convinced they are my favorite and they kept it as ‘our little secret’ without gloating to the other one (they do get along). So imagine their surprise when they found out both are my favorite. If I had known they felt this way, I would not have blown the secret either!



Axelle’s disco

Little girls do grow up so when I asked my little chipmunk what she wanted for her 11th birthday, she said : “a disco party!”

The good thing about that is, that you can do it somewhere else (go to ‘El Patio’, and have clean house to return to!), let someone else do the food and drinks (clean kitchen!) and have fun yourself.. I asked some parents to stay after dropping off their minors and with a party scheduled to last only until 10pm, most of them did.

The preparations:

disco as a pic  IMG_20141025_163720 

The party:

43 64 70 10 65 67 115 (Guess which 2 women closed the joint.. at 22.30)

The chocolate fountain (huge success!)


The cake (Dahlila worked wonders!)

98 109

Kindjes #5

Ik ben een groot voorstander van foto-reportages laten maken door een profesioneel fotograaf. Maar ik moet er dan meteen wel aan toevoegen (en toegeven) dat het al jaren geleden is. Dat is dan vast omdat ik in Tanzania woon maar in feite lopen hier ook veel fotografen rond dus ik zou wel eentje bij de arm kunnen pakken als ik dat echt wou..

sessie Steff 10

Deze foto werd gemaakt door Steff Gilissen. Heel de reeks is leuk, ik heb er twee in groot formaat in mijn huis hangen maar deze vind ik lief omdat de meisjes er zo zichzelf op zijn: Axelle doet theatraal mee met wat we vragen maar ze vindt het eigenlijk echt wel leuk en Celeste faket niets, dat staren is een oprecht staren maar de knuffel is dat ook.

Kindjes #4

Ik ben niet heel goed in fotografie, ik vind het leuk om te doen maar neem niet de tijd (heb niet de tijd?) een cursus te volgen. Al zou ik wel willen. Maar tot dan is het ‘trial and error’. Maar sommige foto’s haal ik graag en trots uit de oude doos.

5juni (5) 5juni (22) IMG_3973