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Fashion show

Friday, the 1st of November

At a friend’s birthday party, the girls – and there were plenty – decided to have a spontaneous fashion show.







Thursday, 31 October 

This was the first year that the girls asked themselves if they could go dressed as something ugly for Halloween.




2012 – gypsy queen and FBI agent        2011 – bumble bee and lady bug          2010 – fairy and queen of the moon

P1060765 doudous at halloween okt 013


Saturday, the 26th of October

When having lunch in Arusha, we sometimes come across monkeys in the parking lot.

zaterdag 26 blue heron

I also got a new fitness machine and well, monkey see monkey do, so the girls wanted to try it after I did. They did not really do it the same way I did..

nieuw fitness machine (2) nieuw fitness machine (3)